January 20, 2015
by Jenny Watkins

AwardPoints Employee Performance Recognition Platform – Video


In this video check out how Terryberry’s AwardPoints program works to recognize employees for performance achievements.   Employees earn points for the behaviors and contributions that matter most to your business.  Points can be redeemed for exciting awards that your employees will be excited to earn.

Employees Earn Points that Can be Redeemed for Awards

AwardPoints.com is a web-based performance recognition program where employees earn points for excellent work. Points can be collected and redeemed for items from Terryberry’s large catalog of custom awards and gifts for any lifestyle.

Cost-effective, flexible, and easy-to-use, the AwardPoints program motivates and rewards the contributions that are most important to your business. Improve employee motivation and accelerate performance in your organization with this effective system.

How does AwardPoints help accelerate performance?

  • Your AwardPoints system is customized so you can give points for the contributions that matter most to you
  • Employees collect and redeem points for customized rewards and gifts from Terryberry’s large selection
  • Unlike many points-based systems, AwardPoints is scalable for organizations of any size, whether you have 20 employees or 20,000.
  • Access program history, progress, and enhancements through an easy-to-use administrative dashboard
  • Reduce paperwork and ensure timely and accurate recognition through built-in email communication
  • Simplify communication and allow offline program participants to print brochures, statements, and certificates
  • Supervisors and top management can monitor account history and employee progress through easy-to-use reporting features
  • Recognize employees from any internet-ready location via simple access to the administration dashboard
  • Your AwardPoints program is customized to reflect your organization’s brand and communicate your values on a continual basis

AwardPoints is a fit for performance recognition of any type:

  • Employee attendance awards
  • Safety incentives and awards
  • Healthy lifestyles and wellness incentives
  • Sales incentives
  • Recognition for “Above and Beyond”
  • Productivity levels

January 20, 2015
by Jenny Watkins

How to Engage Virtual Employees

webcast_townhall meeting

The virtual employee has become a norm in business today. Whether you call them telecommuters, remote workers, or offsite employees, they’re here to stay. Businesses have found that offering virtual connectivity for employees widens the talent pool, helps retain good people, and increases productivity. But how do we engage remote workers and help them stay connected to the team and to the goals of the organization?

Here’s one way that Terryberry does it. About 20% of Terryberry’s workforce is virtual, working in satellite offices around the world. Yesterday, our company held one of our quarterly Town Hall meetings for all employees. Everyone attends. Onsite employees gather in the lunchroom, and offsite employees login and attend via webcam. During the meeting, the leadership updates staff on progress toward business objectives for the last quarter and goals for the quarter ahead.

In addition, the executive team presents WOW Awards to several employees who have earned recognition during the quarter. WOW Awards are based on peer nominations from the quarter. Everyone in the company participates in the peer-to-peer recognition program via a social media-style app called  Give a WOW. Remote workers can recognize office staff, and office staff can recognize remote workers. And everyone in the organization can see the recognition being given and received in real time on the online “Recognition Wall.”

Quarterly, the leadership team reviews the nominations and selects the top nominations for each division based on impact to the company and their objectives. These awards are presented during the Town Hall meetings. The managing partners share the nominator’s remarks about the individual and their achievement, and briefly comment on how the contribution impacts the goals of the organization. Both onsite staff and remote staff can be recognized. And since everyone is together, whether via webcam or in the room, all can hear about the achievements going on in the business both onsite and offsite.

As a remote employee myself, this helps me stay connected to my colleagues in the office. I can see their faces and hear about their successes. It helps me stay in touch with the objectives of the business in my department and other areas of the organization. And because I am a part of the recognition program even though I’m not physically in the office, it’s gratifying to see someone I have nominated to be recognized publicly by the executive team, or to hear about how my contributions impacted someone else 100s of miles away.

Learn from the experts about how to engage virtual employees.  Join us January 28 when Terryberry hosts Best-selling Author Kevin Sheridan for a webinar Bridging the Gap: Engaging Virtual Employees

January 14, 2015
by Kelsey Rogers

Spread Recognition to the Whole Company

It’s WOW Wednesday! HR leaders, execs, and managers: How do you WOW the people who go above and beyond for you in your business? Or, how have you been WOWed?

Today’s WOW Wednesday comes from Althea.
She says: “We recognize our employee several ways: with digital bulletin boards, a bi monthly newspaper, and an email blast to the whole company.”

Share your own “WOW Wednesday” tip or story. Leave a comment here or post on Terryberry’s Facebook Page or Twitter using hashtag #WOWWED. Make it a WOW day!

Join hundreds of organizations that use Give a WOW to ignite a dynamic culture of recognition in the workplace.  It’s employee recognition, social-media style! Get the Free Trial!

January 13, 2015
by Jenny Watkins

The Recognition Collection – Video


Check out the latest video from Terryberry, highlighting the Recognition Collection.  Terryberry’s Recognition Collection is the premiere Award Selection program that offers your recipients their choice of exciting award options. Featuring brand name items, customized with your organization’s symbol, the Recognition Collection helps organizations reward their employees for special milestones and achievements. No matter what inspires your award recipients, the recognition collection will WOW!

Newly updated for 2015, you’ll find a fresh new look and tons of new award options.

Recognition Collection Highlights

  • Turn Key Recognition Program- easy to implement and run
  • Awards are personalized with your company symbol crafted from jewelry quality materials
  • 14 Award Levels - choose the perfect fit for your budget
  • Earth-Friendly Awards Options
  • More Choices Than Ever - Brand names from Kate Spade, Tumi, Bushnell, Skil Tourneau and more
  • Online Award Selection using AwardChoice.com
  • Custom Award Catalogs Available - display your logo, message, and custom award selection
  • Worldwide Shipping with online order tracking and best on-time delivery in the industry
  • Dedicated Customer Service - no-hassle returns, 24/7 call center available


January 12, 2015
by Jenny Watkins

Congratulations on Your Employee Engagement! 5 Lessons Engaged Couples Can Teach Us About Employee Engagement

rings2A friend of mine recently popped the big question to his lovely girlfriend, and she is now sporting an enormous engagement ring.   When I heard the news, obviously I was delighted for them.  Embarrassingly, the words “Congratulations on your employee engagement!” came out of my mouth.

This clearly is a sign that I spend too much time immersed in the HR industry.  That oh so popular buzzword  ”employee engagement” is everywhere in HR articles, news and conversations.  It is the new Holy Grail of management and leadership.   I would never do anything so cheesy as compare my dear friend’s engagement to be wed to employee engagement in the workplace….

Or would I?

I can’t help it.

Here are 5 lessons happily engaged couples can teach us about  healthy employee engagement in the workplace.

They Share Common Goals

In a healthy relationship that is heading toward marriage, two people begin to realize that their hopes and dreams for life are aligned.  They begin to work toward the same goals.  Maybe those goals include raising a family together, or serving in the community, or building a home together.  In healthy workplace relationships, employees and leadership share a common vision.  It is on leadership’s shoulders to make sure that everyone in the organization has an opportunity to understand the mission of the group — what are we trying to accomplish when we come into work every day?  And in healthy workplaces, employees don’t sit back and let leadership own the goals.  Engaged employees dig in and  own their role in helping the vision come to fruition.

They Have Fun Together

Isn’t it sweet how engaged couples are always smiling?  They love being around each other.  They have fun together.  So it is in a healthy workplace.  One of the leading drivers of employee engagement is a positive relationship with managers and co-workers.  It’s just common sense;  if you like the people you work with, you’re much more likely to actually want to work together.   Companies that foster employee engagement actively look for ways to build teamwork and encourage positive communication that leads to good working relationships.

Both Sides Put In the Effort

The relationship odds are not in favor for a couple where one party is putting in all the effort.  If she never returns phone calls, or pays him a compliment…or answers the door,  it’s probably not going to work out.   It’s no surprise that if leadership doesn’t put in a little effort with their staff to appreciate them; communicate with them; let them know they matter, well, chances are employees aren’t going to feel like putting in a ton of discretionary effort in return.

They Accept that Not Every Day is a Bed of Roses

I’m no marriage counselor, but I contend that you don’t have a healthy relationship until you have learned how to have a fight.  I don’t mean domestic violence.  I mean learning how to express a difference of opinion and figure out how to work it out.  Two different people are never going to agree all the time.  In workplace relationships and personal relationships, it’s important to have open, transparent communication where both parties can understand each other’s differing point of view, respect each other, and come to an agreement on how to work together to move forward.

They Celebrate Together 

Not every day is filled with roses, but some days should be.  In a healthy relationship, couples set aside time to celebrate their milestones and their successes along the way.  There’s a time for rolling up your sleeves and working out the daily grind.  But every once in a while, happy couples — and happy workplaces — take time out to to celebrate and appreciate each other.